Fight the winter blues with active commuting

Does the long cold winter have you feeling down? Not getting enough exercise? Feeling cooped up in your house?

Whether you’re dealing with a mild case of the winter blues or the more serious seasonal affective disorder, one of the best things to do is get outside.

One way to be more active outdoors is to leave your car at home and try an active form of commuting — take the bus, walk or bike. Trying an active commute during the winter months can seem a bit daunting at first but with a little willpower and preparation, you can do it! Not only will you improve your overall mood, you’ll be getting exercise and saving money.

Visit RideshareKC to get started with active commuting. You can find information about bus and bike routes and make connections with others who might have a similar commute. A commute buddy can help ease the transition to a new mode and keep you motivated. You can also find potential carpool matches at the site.

Tips to deal with winter weather active commuting:

  • Quick change — Keep clothes at work to change into, especially warm socks and shoes.
  • Stay hydrated — With drier winter air, it’s more important to stay hydrated when exercising.
  • Layer up — Wearing multiple thin layers is key. Synthetic based layers that wick moisture are extremely helpful.
  • Protect your head, feet and hands — Use sock liners, a hat, neck gaiter and gloves to help ward off the chill.
  • Gear up — Invest in a comfortable shoulder bag or backpack to carry extra cold weather gear so you can adapt to changing weather conditions.

Biking and walking are great ways to beat the winter blues and get some much needed sunshine. Being active outside during winter is all about dressing in layers. Once your body gets moving, you’ll be nice and warm!

Eric Rogers
BikeWalkKC, Executive Director and Co-founder

Thanks to our friends at BikeWalkKC for sharing pictures of active winter commuters!

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