Destination Safe Coalition seeks new safety partners

The most recent Destination Safe quarterly report on roadway fatalities showed a 41 percent increase compared to the five-year average. The National Traffic Safety Administration estimates 94 percent of roadway crashes are due to human error. This means in many cases, crashes are preventable if people adopt safer driving behaviors.

The Destination Safe Coalition is the Kansas City region’s initiative to prevent transportation-related fatalities and serious injuries. The Coalition is composed of representatives from local, regional, state and federal organizations with an interest in improving the safety of the region’s transportation system. Members are typically involved in some aspect of safety education, law enforcement, engineering or emergency response. The Destination Safe Coalition collaborates with the Kansas and Missouri transportation safety campaigns, and helps put statewide efforts into action on a regional and local level.

The strength of the Coalition is in the partnerships developed to address public education, law enforcement, safer roadway design and quick emergency response. Working together, the Coalition is able to achieve more, and is always looking for new safety partners.

The best way to engage is to attend Leadership Team meetings. The Leadership Team provides a forum to discuss transportation safety challenges and are the governing body of the Coalition. They meet six times a year and the meetings are open to the public.

To become a voting member of the Leadership Team, you must:

  • Apply to become a member of the Leadership Team with voting rights.
  • Commit to a minimum of three meetings in the current fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) with an ongoing commitment of two meetings per fiscal year to maintain active member standing.

Visit the Destination Safe website or contact Aaron Bartlett, program manager of the Destination Safe Coalition, for more information.

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