OGL strives to remain on cutting edge of evolving technology

Given recent interest in adaptive traffic signals, connected vehicle systems and other new technologies, here’s some background on MARC’s Operation Green Light (OGL) program’s interest in and capacity to support these innovations.

Adaptive Signal Control

  • The current OGL technology can support adaptive signal control.
  • OGL and local agency staff have worked with adaptive technology providers.  If you are interested in exploring the ability to deploy Traffic-Adaptive Signal Timing and/or Traffic Responsive Operations in your jurisdiction, please contact me or one of the OGL staff.

Connected Vehicles

  • Advancements in connected vehicles are happening now. As such, OGL staff have been part of discussions with vehicle technology providers, which we have shared with the OGL Steering Committee.  There are opportunities for the region to advance the technology that now exists that allows traffic signal information (Signal Phasing and Timing, or SPaT) to be shared with third party vendors that can be displayed on in-vehicle systems.

Transportation System Management & Operations

  • OGL staff are involved in real-time operations to respond to freeway diversions from a crash or managing signal changes due to non-reoccurring traffic.
  • OGL is highly involved with overseeing any traffic signal malfunctions and reporting them in an effort to speed repair work.

The OGL program continues to set the standard on a national level for regional inter-agency cooperation and technical innovation.  As technology evolves at an ever-increasing pace, OGL will continue to strive to integrate the best of these technologies into the program to benefit all who live and work in the Kansas City region.

Find out more about Operation Green Light

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