Planning team seeks input on use cases for I-35 corridor planning project

The Interstate 35 Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Planning project is focused on the I-35 corridor in Kansas from the Sunflower Road interchange in Edgerton to the Missouri state line. The scope of the project is to develop a Concept of Operations (“ConOps”) for the integration of transportation modes, agencies, networks and intelligent transportation systems. It outlines roles, responsibilities and technological requirements for the integration of multi-modal transportation operations within the I-35 corridor.

As part of this project, the planning team has developed a range of potential use cases for consideration.  Planners want to get a clear sense of the decisions users may make related to transportation choices for a variety of modes (private auto, transit, ride share, etc.) based on travel conditions, available options and trip purpose.

The team will choose one use case to analyze, evaluating it under four conditions (daily, incident, major construction, major planned event) for three scenarios (current, future, ICM) to create 12 operational views. The other use cases will be documented in the ConOps.

The planning team is seeking input on:

  • The potential use case that would provide the most initial benefit to the corridor.
  • Other potential use cases that should be added to the ConOps.

Leave your comments below or email Jim Hubbell.

[Click on the image to enlarge.]

Potential I-35 ICM Use Cases V1.3_for PDF-2

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