Call for public input: replacement of Grand Avenue bridge over I-670

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Periodically, MARC seeks public comments on transportation planning efforts and major amendments to transportation plans. We would like your feedback on a special amendment to the 2016-2020 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which includes one project:

Replacement of the Grand Avenue bridge over I-670 in Jackson County due to structural issues that have closed the bridge. The project is expected to cost approximately $5.2 million which will be paid with federal and state funds.

View the details of this project

The TIP is an important, short-term planning document that helps budget funds for significant transportation improvements in the region. It identifies projects that receive federal funds and will be implemented during the next three to five years. All comments will be documented and reviewed by MARC’s Total Transportation Policy Committee.

Comments are due by Monday, June 6, 2016.

Submit your comments:

  • By mail: Mid-America Regional Council, 600 Broadway, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64105
  • By phone: 816-474-4240
  • By fax: 816-421-7758
  • By email:

Additional information about the MARC transportation planning process can be found in A Guide to Transportation Decision Making and in MARC’s Public Participation Plan.

5 thoughts on “Call for public input: replacement of Grand Avenue bridge over I-670

  1. Please include bike lanes. This is a unique opportunity where a huge difference can be made. If not now, them it will be another few decades before such an opportunity can happen. Thank you!

  2. With all the new lofts and businesses popping up in the crossroads area why wouldn’t we improve the access to Sprint Center and Power and Light with Bike walk lanes? It would be a nice complement to the shiny new streetcar service. A simple replacement bridge is fiscally responsible act but it’s not innovative. Let’s at least consider alternatives. “Build it and they will come.”

  3. Keep as pedestrian / bike only (buses excluded) – extend the pedestrian zone to 12th or 13th past P&L and sprint center!!! Then you don’t have to waste money blocking off Grand every time there’s an event…

    If you aren’t going to do that – PROTECTED bike lanes!!!

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