Kansas Consolidated Planning Grant (CPG) projects selected

This summer, MARC applied to the Kansas Department of Transportation for  Consolidated Planning Grant (CPG) funds awarded through a competitive process. KDOT received project applications from six regions across the state totaling approximately $500,000. KDOT selected three of MARC’s projects, listed below, for funding. All work on these projects will be completed during the 2016 calendar year.

The RideKC Data Insight Tool will create a dashboard of performance measures that will be housed on www.ridekc.org. This project proposal emphasized the expansion of public transportation as part of the strategic direction outlined in the Kansas City region’s metropolitan transportation plan (MTP), Transportation Outlook 2040. Through this project, the RideKC regional transit providers and partners will provide information to riders and the public, using transparency to build trust and confidence.

The Air Quality Project Evaluation Tool will develop a consistent method of evaluating air quality impacts across all project types for future rounds of funding. Consistent evaluation will allow for the setting of air quality targets and track performance over time. This project evaluation tool will serve as a model for other metropolitan planning organizations in Kansas and can be used to create consistent evaluation across projects in the State Transportation Improvement Programs (STIPs) and MTPs.

I-35 Integrated Corridor Management will lead to better management of system performance, another policy goal of Transportation Outlook 2040. MARC will lead this effort, partnering with the Kansas City Scout and Operation Green Light programs and others, to develop advance incident scenarios. The additional coordination will help manage congestion on the busy corridors that run through Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas and into the downtown Kansas City area. Development of this plan will run concurrent with KDOT’s ramp metering plans for the corridor in 2016.

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