2016–2020 TIP approved

TIP_2016cvrIn October, the MARC Board of Directors approved the 2016–2020 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP is an important planning document that helps budget funds for significant transportation improvements across the region. It identifies significant projects that receive federal funds which will be implemented over the next three to five years. MARC updates the full TIP every two years. In between updates, the TIP is amended quarterly to allow for the addition of new project and changes to existing projects. Amendments may also occur on a special basis if necessary.

The 2016–2020 TIP was developed in compliance with MAP-21 regulations, the most recent legislation governing the federal transportation program. It contains:

  • A financial plan that accounts for inflation and includes system-level estimates of operation and maintenance costs and revenues.
  • An environmental justice analysis that examines transportation investments and impact on EJ communities.
  • Visualization techniques, maps and diagrams that help convey information.
  • An updated interactive, online map display of project locations and information.

Prior to its approval, the draft TIP document was made available for public review and comment. The next amendment to the new TIP is expected in December 2015.

The adopted TIP documents are available for review online at www.marc.org/20162020TIP.

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