We want your feedback

comment bubblesThroughout the year, MARC seeks public comments on various transportation planning efforts. We are currently seeking feedback on the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). All comments will be documented and reviewed by MARC’s Total Transportation Policy Committee.

The UPWP is an annual planning document that promotes a regional approach to transportation planning in order to achieve Greater Kansas City’s transportation goals and objectives.

In short, the UPWP:

  • Details major transportation projects, with information about who will perform the work, project schedule, activity goals and project budget.
  • Documents the proposed spending of federal, state and local funds.
  • Compiles information from local governments, area transit providers and the state departments of transportation.

The UPWP is available online using this link: Draft 2016 Unified Planning Work Program

A summary of major transportation planning initiatives proposed in the Draft 2016 UPWP can be found on the transportation public input webpage.

Please submit your comments by Thursday, Nov. 5.

  • By mail:  Mid-America Regional Council,  600 Broadway, Suite 200,  Kansas City, MO 64105
  • By phone: 816-474-4240
  • By fax:  816-421-7758
  • By email: transportation@marc.org

Additional information about MARC’s transportation planning process can be found in A Guide to Transportation Decision-Making and our Public Participation Plan.

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