RideKC Regional Transit Plan

Work is underway on the RideKC Regional Transit Plan, which will include two separate but related elements:

  • A  long-range planning resource for Greater Kansas City that will update the SmartMoves Regional Transit Vision.
  • A shorter-term plan to double the number of metro-area jobs that can be accessed by transit over the next 10 years.


Planning partners include MARC, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, Johnson County, Unified Government Transit, the city of Independence and the Kansas City Streetcar Authority.

Planning goals:

  • Develop strategies to double the number of jobs accessible by transit within 10 years.
  • Identify and prioritize corridors for new transit services.
  • Create guidelines for better connections between transit and other modes of travel.
  • Develop strategies to generate more transit-oriented development.
  • Create a funding strategy supported by the public.

A strong public transit system in the Kansas City region is essential to maintain a high quality of life and competitive regional economy. Together, these plans will guide transit investments into the future and reflect the needs and desires of the public.

Plan development began in July with and analysis of existing transit, population and employment patterns and land use. The analysis phase will continue through September. Next, the team will use the data to identify and prioritize corridors where transit improvements could have the greatest impact. Public input and engagement will be a critical part of the planning process, which will continue through Spring 2017.

Email: Karen Clawson, kclawson@marc.org, and Laura Machala, lmachala@marc.org

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