Update on TIGER grant progress

Pervious concrete installation
Workers install pervious concrete on Wabash Street at Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard in Kansas City, Mo., in late September.
Repaving Minnesota Avenue at 7th Street
Crews pour concrete pavement on Minnesota Avenue at 7th Street in downtown Kansas City, Kan., in October.

Projects funded by the Kansas City region’s $50 million federal TIGER infrastructure grant are moving right along. These funds are being used to improve transportation infrastructure in the Green Impact Zone of Kansas City, Mo., as well as enhance amenities along several key regional transit corridors — Metcalf Avenue/Shawnee Mission Parkway, State Avenue, North Oak Trafficway, U.S. 24/Independence Avenue and Linwood Avenue/U.S. 40.

State Avenue Corridor

Crews have finished grading to create a flat surface for the new transit center at 47th and State Avenue in Kansas City, Kan. The foundations for the transit building will begin shortly. The old transit stop at this location will be temporarily relocated about 50 yards to the west to allow for demolition of the old Indian Springs Mall.

Construction on the transit center at 7th Street and Minnesota Avenue in downtown Kansas City, Kan., is about 25 percent complete. Sewer, sidewalk and pavement work on west side of the intersection should be finished within the next few weeks, weather permitting.

Bus-stop improvements along the State Avenue corridor are also under construction.

Metcalf Avenue / Shawnee Mission Parkway Corridor

Work crews are installing a bicycle and walking trail along the east side of Metcalf Avenue from 87th Street to College Boulevard. They are also pouring foundations for bus shelters and concrete bus pads to handle the weight of buses at transit stops along the corridor, which should be done by late December. Field work is complete on the transit-signal priority project, which will help keep buses on schedule. An overhead canopy structure is being erected at the transit center in downtown Mission off of Johnson Drive, with the metal roof going up later this month.

Eastern Missouri Corridors

Bus-stop improvements are in progress or nearly complete in the urban core, and along U.S. 24/Independence Avenue and Linwood Avenue/U.S. 40. The North Oak Trafficway corridor improvements package will go out for bid on Nov. 27.

Green Impact Zone

Work to rehabilitate broken sidewalks and curbs is underway in the Manheim, East 49-63 and Ivanhoe neighborhoods of Kansas City’s Green Impact Zone. Crews are also interconnecting and synchronizing traffic signals in the are.

The TIGER grant is funding the installation of porous asphalt at Olive and Emanuel Cleaver II, and pervious concrete at Wabash and Emanuel Cleaver II. Unlike traditional pavement, these permeable surfaces will help control stormwater runoff and filter pollutants. This is the first time the city has tested the effectiveness these types of pavements on residential streets.

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